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Poly Camp UK 2019 FAQ's

Where is it?

Kinver Scout Camp is a 23 acre camp near Birmingham.

When is it?

Thursday 29th August 2019 to Sunday 1st September 2019

How do I get there?

Kinver Scout Camp is near Stourbridge, just outside Birmingham.

If you are coming by car the postcode is DY7 6HR

If you are coming by train, there is a train station which is Stourbridge junction but there is no public transport to the campsite. You will need to book a taxi.

We are putting on a bus, which will cost about £15 per head from Birmingham New Street Station.

Is it Accessible?

Some parts of Kinver are accessible. However, being a more natural feel of campsite, there are areas that are challenging.The buildings are accessible, and there is sleeping accommodation with wheelchair accessible bathrooms.Some of the organisers are themselves disabled, so this is of some importance to us.

Is it suitable for children?

Yes! It is suitable for people of all ages and will be suitable for children. They can also join in the activities.

What activities are there?

Activities available will include:

  • Archery
  • Bat Watch
  • Climbing and Abseiling
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Boardgames
  • Bushcraft
  • Stick Whittling
  • Woodland Walks
  • Campfire Activities
  • Storytelling
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Wildlife Observation.

Is there a dress code?

Other than making sure you are covered as there are children and the possibility that people may stray onto the camp, we recommend decent footwear, especially if you plan to explore the site, there is no dress code.

What is the party theme?

The theme for the party is Rocky Horror Picture Show

Do I have to dress up for the party?

No one is expected to dress up and if you don’t wish to be at the RHPS theme party then there are alternatives activities happening at the same time.

I have an idea for a session……

Great! Thanks! Once you’ve booked we will invite you to the attendees group and you will be able to put yourself down on the sessions rota

Do I need to bring food?

We will be providing breakfast, dinner and food to put on the fire. We recommend that you bring your own drinks, snacks and you might want to bring extras for the fire. There is a Co-Op in Kinver if you wish to go for extras. If you have any dietary requirements, please do get in touch with us.

Will you be providing alcohol?

We won’t be providing alcohol, you may bring your own but we expect that people will drink sensibly, we reserve the right to call a taxi to the nearest train station for anyone who is out of control. We also ask that you don’t provide alcohol to children.

Do I have to be non-monogamous to come?

No, but you need to be accepting of others that are, we expect that people who are monogamous themselves are part of a mixed relationship. Please do be aware that cruising will not be tolerated and anyone suspected of it will be asked to leave.

Do I have to take part in anything?

You are not expected to take part in any activities, whether that is organised or unofficial. You are more than welcome to spend the weekend chilling in your tent or sunbathing.

What are our stretch goals for Kick starter?

At £650 we will give every backer an exclusive Poly Camp Hero Badge or Magnet (if you have backed for one, you can chose to have another, the other or a regular camp badge)

At £800 we will make all activities free for those under 18
At £950 we will give every backer an exclusive Poly Camp Hero t-shirt (if you have backed for one, you can chose to have another or a regular camp t-shirt)

You can see our Kickstarter here